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Story Length Description
Edith B. Tasker
by Jeffrey Lyons
2:31 minutes
2,801,199 bytes
A distant star and her offspring - what's in a name?
by Arthur Sanchez
14:28 minutes
13,898,542 bytes
When a young couple discovers that their apartment
might be haunted it's hardly what they expected -- or
by whom they expected. -Vilnus- is a story about love,
devotion, and the ties that bind.
by Jamie K. Schmidt
6:39 minutes
6,399,098 bytes
A story of Sorcery, Betrayal and Vengeance.
One Year On
by Jeffrey J. Lyons
6:29 minutes
6,234,423 bytes
Flash Science Fiction: It's the little things your remember fondly, especially if there are no more memories being made.
The Thing in the Doghouse
by Keith P. Graham
20:24 minutes
19,590,716 bytes
A yellow dog named Elvis confronts an alien being living in his doghouse.
The First Warrior
by H.F. Gibbard
10:36 minutes Small-town cops fought the Man-Beast until he turned the tables on them. But he was wanted by a higher authority...
Frogs in Aspic
by Keith P. Graham
6:16 minutes Children, frogs and a strange recipe.
Idols of Clay
by Arthur Sanchez
4:43 minutes Ancient mysteries and a call to the farther stars.
Jackson And The Giant
by Arthur Sanchez
5:16 minutes A Fable about a boy and some beans set in a computer adventure game.
by Arthur Sanchez
2:05 minutes A "Flash" story about a ghost, a little boy and damnation.
A Place to Hide
by Keith P. Graham
5:00 minutes A "Flash" story about a boy on a space station, looking for a place to hide.


More stories to come.


Gracie helping me record "Frogs in Aspic"